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It’s canon, really: when an Observer is exposed to a truly, truly strong emotion, they will feel it themselves.

For August, it was bravery. He saw how brave Christine was on the day her parents died, and several years in the future did something brave himself: he saved her from death, despite the cosmic consequences.

We all know September’s. He witnessed how much Walter loved his son, even if it wasn’t really even his son, and that struck a cord in him. Not even really knowing why yet, September knew he had to protect his progeny - his son, his child -  and hid him in the past.

For Windmark, it was hatred. More than hatred. He wanted to destroy the fugitives. He wanted to go back in time and get rid of them. He felt all of that because Peter hated him, wanted to destroy him, for killing his daughter, for taking his little girl away from him so soon - only days, maybe a week - after getting her back. And Peter’s need for revenge was so intense that it bypassed Observer tech.

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have you ever stayed up late with someone texting or chatting and known as the hours ticked by that you’d be ridiculously tired in the morning but it didnt matter because it was really fun and totally worth losing sleep over just to laugh with someone and enjoy their company maybe and then the next day you keep tiredly recalling how much fun it was while you’re falling asleep in class and that makes it not so bad that you’re tired anymore

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the holiday + gpoy

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Candied Maple Bacon Doughnuts

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favourite things in 2013 - Female characters [1/10] Olivia Dunham

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